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Ourorganic beard shampoohas been formulated to bring yousoftness and comforton a daily basis.It is important to use a shampoo suitable for the beardrather than a hair shampoo,it's not a marketing inventionbut a necessity. Hair shampoos are more astringent because hair greases faster than hair. So on a daily basis, the use of an unsuitable shampoo will tend to dry out your fleece, and have hair breaking.

Hisenhanced formula in natural assetss cleanses and moisturizes your beard sustainably.Moisturizing, soothing and purifying, organic aloe vera juice is complemented byinvigorating virtuesorganic cypress floral water. Organic shea butterdeeply nourishes your beard and gives it shine and shine

Tips for use:

Apply to your wet beard, lather. Breathe in the scent of cedar and bergamot that transports you to nature. Gently rub on the beard and rinse well. Dry the beard well before brushing. We then advise you to moisturize the beard with our beard oil or our organic beard balm. Enjoy!

Key ingredients:

- Aloe Vera juice: Moisturizing, soothing and healing powers.

- Cypress floral water : It has an astringent power and will come to purify and rebalance the skin.

- Shea butter: Promotes skin regeneration and healing. Hydrates and nourishes the skin deeply.

- Vegetable glycerin: Is not naturally present because no cold saponification process. Will allow the product to leave the skin soft.

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