Organic surgras soap - Bivouak



This soap man is an organic surgras soap for the body which cleanses your skin in depth thanks to the properties of vegetable charcoal, a detoxifying powerful which absorbs pollutants, toxins and bacteria while respecting the most sensitive.

The manufacturing artisanal of this organic soap is respectful of the environment because it is based on the cold saponification technique, which provides your skin with a high glycerin content. It is an essential asset that guarantees sweetness and protection to your skin.

This natural surgras soap with perfumes fresh and woody tones and regenerates your skin while giving you a pleasure of use and an instant feeling of escape.

Usage tips :

Daily use in the shower (and even in the river because 100% biodegradable). For all skin types


- Shea Butter : It is important for its moisturizing properties which will leave the skin very soft after application.

- Coconut and sesame oil : Will bring softness, the foaming power of the product and will bring a regenerating side to the skin.

- Vegetable coal : Will come to purify and detoxify the skin. The charcoal will absorb all the pollutants and toxins accumulated throughout the day.

- Natural glycerin : Presence of glycerin naturally thanks to cold saponification. The glycerin will bring all the softness to the product and will make it possible not to feel tightness and dryness of the skin after application. Due to the cold saponification and the naturally present glycerin, the products are quite suitable for use on the face.

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