Organic eye contour roll-on - Bivouak



Our eye contour has been specially developed to ensure ease of use and real pleasure. With an effect concealer and anti-puffiness thanks to its natural and organic ingredients! The effectanti-fatigueis quickly visible. The skin is hydrated, and its steel ball creates a cold effect that stimulates and increases the effects (in addition to facilitating its application). Finally, the ingredients have been chosen to fight against the first wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes, which give us a crazy charm but we still want to "control" right?

Usage tips :

Apply to the eye area starting from the corner of the eye outwards, you can finish penetrating the product with your finger, keeping the gesture from the inside to the outside. Use on cleansed skin morning and evening. 


- organic peppermint known to be atstringent, she tones all skins and their restores shine.

- organic Aloe Vera juice which is a regenerating whostimulates cell renewal. He is also known to be astringentantioxidant and tensor... in short, it has everything to please!

- organic hemp oil, known to be anti-agingregeneratingrevitalizingthanks to its essential fatty acids which fight against the effects of free radicals and stimulate the regeneration of the skin hydrolipidic film.

- organic sesame vegetable oil, regenerating, softener and rich in antioxidants.

- natural caffeine who is sshy and increases metabolic activity and thus participates in skin tone.

- natural hyaluronic acid is he very moisturizing and best known for being a repulpant and anti-agingwhofills fine lines and wrinkles!



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