Nüssa - Body radiance oil



Dry oil based on Jojoba & Camellia fordeeply nourish, revitalize and balance your skin.

Capacity: 100 ML

Usage tips :

In the morning, after showering, apply all over the body, massaging lightly. Ultra fast penetration.



L'Camellia vegetable oil, used since the dawn of time by the Japanese, for its beneficial effects on the skin, is rich in fatty acids and has an oleic acid content of over 80%. It also has an anti-aging action and deeply nourishes the epidermis.

Precious Jojoba Oil has unique characteristics in the plant world. Nicknamed "The Gold of Mexico", this precious oil sublimates the skin. Thanks to its moisturizing properties, it is also recognized for its anti-aging action by limiting attacks on the elastin fibers of the skin.

100% of the total is of natural origin

100% natural fragrance

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