Nüssa-Coconut night oil




This oil is a very powerful anti-oxidant thanks to the oil of Marula, present at 70 %. This exceptional care, noures, smooth and protects thanks to its cocktail of super powerful assets. Upon awakening, the skin is nourished, repulsed and dyed much brighter.

Containment: 30 ML

Usage tips:

In the evening, apply two to three drops on the whole face, avoiding the contour of the eyes. Make a light circular massage from the inside out of the face.


Marula's precious oil, overdosed more than 70 %, rich in antioxidants, fatty acids and Omega 6 and 9, provides flexibility and vitality by fighting the signs of skin aging. It helps maintain skin tone and elasticity while protecting it from dehydration and damping water losses.

Kalahari Bio's Water Melon Pines Oil Nourishing, regenerating and restructuring virtues, regulates the hydration of the skin and the production of sebum. Protector and softening, it restores the cutaneous hydrolipid film and improves skin flexibility. Its silky texture, is very pleasant, is ideal for performing massages and working on micro-circulation.

100 % of total is of natural origin

100 % natural perfume

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