Nossa - Flower Oil Night



This sublime oil brings comfort and suppleness to the skin every night thanks to its exceptional composition.

Rose petals release their anti-oxidant properties with each use.

Contain: 30 ML

Tips for use:

In the evening, apply two to three drops to the entire face, avoiding the eye area. Perform a light circular massage from the inside to the outside of the face.


Organic Sesame Oil, known for its anti-oxidant actions, prevents drying out and visible signs of age. It softens and satins the skin.

Organic Granada Oil, rich in vitamin E and polyunsaturated fatty acid, is estimated and prevents skin wakefulness. Its high polyphenol content restores radiance and freshness to damaged skin. It is also a recognized natural anti-ageing.

Marula's precious oilincredible nourishing and anti-aging properties, softens and satins the skin.

Petals, real rose petals, they are harvested and sorted by hand and then dried in the sun so as not to lose all their nutrient. The petals continue to release their entire property with each use of care.

100% of the total is of natural origin

70.39% of total ingredients are organic farming isus

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