Organic face cleanser - Bivouak



This cleaning gel face cleans perfectly all skin types in sweetness, thus allowing daily use to fight against external aggressions. Purifying and regenerating, this men's face cleanser removes all sebum and impurities while refining the skin texture.

Thanks to a formula reinforced in natural active ingredients, your skin is clean, silky and Fed. Containing organic cypress hydrosol, organic sesame seed oil, coconut oil and organic shea butter, the natural fragrance of this cleansing treatment soft lets wake up your wild nature.

Usage tips :

Shake well before use. Apply the cleansing gel to the damp skin of the face and neck, lather and rinse well. For best results, moisturize your skin withBio Bivouak moisturizing gel.


- Cypress floral water: It will help to firm and tone the skin. It will also bring an astringent side to the product, which is ideal for oily skin.

- Sesame oil : Regenerating and drowsy. Coconut oil: Will help bring nutrition to the skin and also has a foaming power.

- Vegetal glycerine : Not naturally present because there is no cold saponification process. Will allow the product to leave the skin soft

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