Infusion-Infusion #1 LINE


A source of well-being and without a thein, the infusion LINE of L' infuseur allows to hydrate and to eliminate gently throughout the day.
You will be able to taste this mixture of plants in hot or icy versions.

Enjoy the morning, day and evening.

5 min-95 °C

Composition:Citronal, Chicory, Rooibos, Pineapple, Pissenlit, Orange Écorces, Réglisse, Arôme naturel de Mandarin

Preparation Tips:

Drop 2 g (or 1 teaspoon) per person of bulk mixing in the teapot, pour hot water at 95 °C above and let infuse 5 to 7 min. Pour through a passoire in a nice cup, breathe, drink, smile!

For the ice version: warm infuse 7 min, let cool and freeze in the fridge.

Nº 1 and 6 are ideal for ice drinks and can be customised with lemon logs or mint leaves, for example.


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