The "Collection of Infusions" box



36 bags

The "Infusion Collection" box brings together the 6 signature natural blends of L’infuseur. A selection of the best plants rich in tastes, flavors and benefits. An inspiring box that reconciles pleasure and well-being.

This collection of infusions is an ideal gift for yourself or for lovers of herbal infusions.


• 6 sachets of Infusion Line
A source of well-being, this infusion with notes of rooibos and lemongrass helps to hydrate and eliminate all day.

• 6 sachets of Calm infusion
You will appreciate the notes of honey, orange blossom and verbena in this blend for a sweet and relaxing break.

• 6 sachets of digestive infusion
Ideal after a meal, the DIGESTIVE infusion combines the benefits of thyme and rosemary for better digestion.

• 6 sachets ofTonic infusion
The TONIC infusion combines the benefits of mint and citrus for a blend that gets you back in shape!

• 6 sachets ofthe Delight infusion
The DELICE infusion with its notes of verbena and marjoram offers you comforting and tasty breaks.

• 6 sachets ofDetox infusion
The DETOX infusion from L’infuseur is a real detoxifying makeover to take care of yourself.

Using advice
Put 1 sachet per cup before pouring in your simmering water, ideally at 95 ° C. Let steep for 5 to 7 minutes.

LINE, DELICE and DETOX infusions can also be prepared frozen. To do this, let your infusion cool before placing it in the fridge. You can also choose a cold infusion by letting it steep for 2 to 3 hours at room temperature.

Possible presence of nuts.

The "infusion collection" box should be placed in a cool and dry place

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