Bio Chic Plant Infusion - Delight Push


Delight Push is a infusion in vegetable conclusion, fresh and light of a meal (a little too much) tasty.

Composition: Sweet Fennel Seeds Angelique Rosemary Scented Verveine Savory Peppermint Concern

Aromatic description:

With a fresh zest, theVerbenaopen the ball. The top note is orchestrated by thepeppermint, savory and rosemaryplay the heart,'sfennel seedAndAngelicround it all up. The ensemble deploys a rich aromatic symphony and leaves a real length in the mouth,fresh, menthetized and liquorice.

Preparation tips:

Infusions are hot and fresh! When the warm weather arrives, as healthy, refreshing and natural drinks, infuse our hot infusions and let them cool, or infuse them cold in the refrigerator for a few hours before tasting!

Good to know

Our infusions and broths are 100% organic, made in France without any added aroma.

The infusettes are starch-based and are biodegradable. Over-packaging
is recyclable plastic. Our cardboard packaging comes from FSC forests, an environmental label whose aim is to ensure that wood production complies with procedures to ensure sustainable forest management.

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