Bio Chic Plant Infusion - Morpheus


Morpheus isAInfusionForfall asleep peacefully, the enchanted taste buds and the serene spirit.

CompositionIn: Tilleul Officinal Sage Leaf Ronce (c) Nanah Mint Orange blossom

Aromatic description:

The nanah-sage mint alliance generates a fresh, green and subtly camphor attack, relayed by the soothing and floral notes of lime and orange blossom. A bouquet of leaves and flowers, lively, sweet and reassuring, leaving in the mouth a freshness while delicacy. Check out our (chics)Recipesdeveloped with our infusions.

Preparation tips:

Hot... Yes Fresh! Discover Morpheus in a fresh version, for a been healthy, refreshing and natural. Infuse it hot andallow to cool, or infuse it cold in the refrigerator for a few hours before tasting.

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