Bio Chic Plant Infusion - Elixir


Elixir, a lemon ginger infusion to boost your peps capital.

CompositionIn: Ginger Bigaradier Oranger Lemon Combava

Aromatic description

The pungent attack of ginger is supported by the zesty notes of the lemon combined with the stimulating and lively freshness of the combava. This is followed by the charming and subtle aroma of the bigaradier orange leaf. With an elegant note, it rounds out this profusion of tangy flavours that play the extensions. Exhilarating and energizing, this ginger and lemon infusion reveals a strong character.

Preparation tips:

Our infusions are hot and fresh! In summer, stay hydrated with our fresh infusions, healthy, natural drinks and no sugar or theine. Infuse The Elixir with a few slices of cucumber, fresh lemon, and basil leaves. A lemony detox drink, ideal for sunny days.

Good to know

Our infusions and broths are 100% organic, made in France without any added aroma.The infusettes are starch-based and are biodegradable. Over-packagingis recyclable plastic.

Our cardboard packaging comes from FSC forests, an environmental label whose aim is to ensure that wood production complies with procedures to ensure sustainable forest management.

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