Organic Chic des Plantes Infusion - White


White, signed Fusalp, agourmet and comforting infusionat the foot of the slopes.

Composition:Coconut Chestnut * Banana Almond * Ginger Matricaria chamomile

* Allergenic ingredients

Aromatic description

The start of the descent is very smooth, bothdelicate, milkyand verycoco. Very quickly, we come across a thick, greedy heart. Thecreaminessof the bananamelts on him without struggle, intensifying his suave nuances. Thealmondand thechestnutsnowball with hints of nuts. Theginger takes everything to an avalanche spicy more and more lively. In the mouth, a round texture and the sensation of powdery, enveloping, cocoon snow.

Preparation tips :

Discover our White infusion version cool, a healthy, refreshing and natural drink. Brew it hot and let cool, or cold brew it in the fridge for a few hours before eating. Then add a few pieces of organic coconut. A real gourmet coconut water.

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