energy conservation


energyIt is a natural and tonal concentrate, adaptive plant, antioxidant and synergistic pre organism.

Ginseng and Australian methamphetamine are the main active ingredients of the powder, which have traditionally been recognized and used to help physical and intellectual performance.

Natural flavor, cinnamon notes


🌿Adapt to you and your lifestyle

⚡Energy: improving knowledge and material capacity

$9200000; Fighting fatigue and weakness

🏅Help athletes perform and stand on their own

💗Improve overall vitality and welfare



…… You want to start your day with feathers

…… Your diet is down and you need a boost.

…… Your lifestyle is very active

…… You want to be good all day

…… You work late in the evening and / or have tight working hours.


How to use it


Sprinkle a spoonful of coffee in your favorite drink taste

It's delicious in tea, coffee, even a large cup of hot water.


It can also be consumed in a smooth (powder mixed with other ingredients) or in a breakfast bowl: cereal, pollen or porcelain.

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