Defoliated face



Our defoliants NEtova skin depthallowDistr.Remove dead cells and Black spot So is he letterAtomizer Stay The skin is soft and clean Skin exfoliation reachinfiltration thereforeNursing efficiency Then apply. In short, just have a good reason to include it in your routine.

In addition to peeling off the virtues, we have developed this face Real care To bring you Soft hydration And adapt it All kinds of skin.

Use guide:

Massage fine peeling on your face and neck to avoid finer and more sensitive contours of your eyes or skin. rinse Hydrate the face after use. Once or twice a week.


-Organic cypress flower water It's a gentle tensionTextile in especialAttribute skeletonPurification and balance.

-Walnut powder shellThey are little magic There's something easier than getting the powder back directly from the hull mill Smooth defoliation without any risk of irritation and very effective.

-Organic aloe juice as everyone knowsIts nutrition, regeneration and comfort performance,

-Plant glycerinWho is it Hydrated and Softener. This is due to saponification reaction and found naturally in super fat soap.

-Butter sauce It's an asset HhydrateandfoodDeep in the skinSkin regenerationHe revived the organization and restored his voiceelasticskin

-Organic Sesame vegetable oileast Regenerative, Soft and Rich in antioxidants

-Vegetable coal It's a answervampire and Disinfectant Powerful As a result, it helps to collect contaminants and toxins that accumulate on the skin. Purifying agentAmong them, it purifies and absorbs bacteria that cause certain infections.

Our mixtureCedar essential oil, cedar acid salt, elami essential oil and cedar pulpWith delicate perfume and pure escape from the forest moment.

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