Childhood Paris-Purifying Savon 3-8 years old (no box)


A high-fat soap made from shea butter and vegetable oils, including smooth, undulating foam and gently moisturizes the skin and scalp of the 3-to 8-year-old.


The purifying soap 3-8 years is a natural, extra-fat treatment specific to the daily toilet of the children between 3 and 8 years old. Composed to 100 % natural ingredients, it contains shea butter, vegetable oils of cameline and coconut with nourishing and protective virtues. Its thin and unctuous foam lava and gently moisturizes the epidermis and the scalp of the pups. The essential oil of organic rosemary with antiseptic virtues protects the epidermis, helps to treat the "little bobos" and brings a fresh and pleasant aromatic note.

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