Cure ALOHA Perfect Duo


Our favorite for St. Barts!

Revolutionary new cure to look good all year round.

A clean and complete skincare routine.
Eco-responsible, easy to transport, 100% natural and French.

ALOHA Duo Perfect is the best routine of dietary supplements designed to treat sensitive skin. With our two unique formulas combining essential assets, get tanned skin all year round and repaired every night after external aggression.

The capsules are stored in a plastic bottle of sugar cane, eco-responsible and 100% biodegradable that protects our planet.

Tips for use:

Morning:ALOHA Preparebrings you the best assets to prepare your skin for the sun or just look good without exposure. Thanks to its stimulating and protective effect, you will have a luminous skin all year round.

In the evening:ALOHA Repairoffers you an intense restorative action of the skin thanks to a synergy of the best organic oils needed for skin care. Essential after exposure but also all year round, to repair dry and sensitive skin.

  • Take 1 ALOHA Prepare capsule each morning.
  • Take 1 to 2 ALOHA Repair capsules each night.

2-month cure, to be consumed daily for optimal results.

100% natural ingredients:


Beta-carotene - 7 mg

Copper - 2 mg

Selenium - 0.15 mg

Sunflower oil - 300 mg

Coconut oil - 50 mg

Zinc - 10 MG

Vitamins C - 80 mg

Vitamins E - 12 mg


Chia BIO oil - 350 mg

ORGANIC Onagre Oil - 75 mg

ORGANIC Bourrache Oil - 75 mg

Tapioca - 100% vegetable wrap



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