Organic shaving cream-Bivouak


Description :

Thisshaving creamhighly concentrated in natural active elements perfectly prepares the skin and hair for a shavecomfortableandsoft. For a classic shave to white or only for the maintenance of the contours of a beard, the organic and non-foaming formula of this shaving cream allows aprecisionand onecomfortoptimal. The fresh and woody scents of its voluptuous texture transforms your usual ritual into a moment ofpleasureand ofwellness. Close your eyes, you are shaving near a river in the middle of nature.

Tips for use :

Moisten the skin with warm water. Apply shaving cream to the shaving area by hand. Rinse after shaving then, for an optimal result, moisturize the skin with the moisturizing gelorganic Bivouak face.

Key ingredients :

- Cypress floral water : Cypress floral water that will bring an astringent side to the product.

- Reason seed oil : Moisturizes and inhibits the loss of water from the skin.

- Shea butter : Promotes skin regeneration and healing. Ideal for shaving and calming razor fire. Deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

- Beeswax : Will retain the loss of water and therefore promote hydration.

- Coconut oil : Will allow to bring nutrition to the skin. Alum salt: will bring its soothing virtues to the products. Very important to calm the heat of shaving.

Our alum salts are natural and therefore by definition less concentrated so our harmful to the skin. In addition the application of shaving cream will not allow salts to penetrate the skin and therefore are not dangerous as those controversial especially deodorants.

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