COMBEAU-The Most Skin


Cure 1 month (1 vial, 2 capsules/day)

True daily domestic cream,This multi-active formula reveals the beautyNaturalOf your skin.
The imperfections are attenuating,The redness is soothed. Your skin is pSane and smoother, she finds out.

CombeauConfronts every hassle of everyday life: drought, skin irregularity, fatigue, micro-inflammations, stress, and even lack of concentration! Its very precise combination of 7 ingredients allows for better assimilation by the organism, and thus of real results.

For whom?

Combeau is adapted to all types of skins and to all: men, women, sportsmen or festive, vegetarian or vegan, it is made for you!

IngredientsAnd benefits:

Hyaluronic acid (200mg), Red Algae (160mg), Acerola (160mg), Argousier (150mg), Sob B de melon (30mg), Safran (30mg), Zinc Bisglycinate (14mg)

  1. Hydrate in depth, protects against external aggressions and thus helps to slow down the process of ageing skin.
  2. Stimulates the mechanism of cell regeneration and acts on the main causes of the skin imbalance.
  • Certified Organic Excerpts
    Bioactive, certified organic food and plant extracts.
  • High absorption
    Bioavailable and micro-encapsulated assets for optimal absorption.
  • Clinically Tested Assets
    Benefits proved by proprietary clinical studies and scientific research.

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