Biological care box



this Organic care box For a man gift Ideally, discover our range of organic products for a relative or yourself male.

Our biological care Natural ingredients Effectively meet men's needs without invading their skin, while applying trees and amber spices to their skin.

Discover our natural cosmetics through this simple and effective facial and body care ritual

The package includes:

-Super fat soap for body (- 100g) Adopt this Organic soap is used in the body every day. Super fat by cold saponification process Your skin is washed and softened without firing Vegetable coal Deoxidization and decontamination Your skin

A facial cleanser A compound composed of natural and organic ingredients, the facial cleanser allows Clean your skin Gentle and moisturizing Especially butter sauce

-Facial moisturizing gel (50ml) Mainly composed of organic aloe juice, this cream gel is applied to clean skin every morning and evening to hydrate your skin deep. This is an ideal moisturizing gel after shavingsoothefrom heal skin soothe Razor fire

-A reusable cotton bag  



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