Infusion bottle - Rose Quartz

€70 €89

This bottle energizes the water we drink during the day. The crystals transmit energy messages to it and transform it into a cell regenerator. Thus, it makes us benefit deeply from the beneficial energy of the stones.


Each stone has unique vibratory characteristics. By radiation, they communicate their properties to what surrounds them.

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love. It diffuses a calming and reassuring energy and encourages feelings of compassion and tenderness for oneself and for others.

To maintain the vibrational energy of your crystals, you can clean them with clear water and recharge them by exposing them to the full moon or the sun depending on the stones. The Sentara bottle is made of borosilicate glass recognized for its qualities of resistance to high and low temperatures. The cap and the base of the bottle are made from recycled bamboo. The ethically sourced crystals have been hand-selected in an eco-responsible approach.

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