Bio Chic Plant Broth - Super Green


Super Green detox broth, a green cocktail, fresh, tonic, natural booster of vitality.

CompositionIn: Green pepper Eucalyptus (c) Lemon Luzerne (c) Ginkgo Biloba (c) Parsley Broccoli Green pepper Spirulina

Aromatic description:

A greedy attack enhanced by fresh and zesty shades. In length, an elegantly persistent green note.

Tasting ideas:

Our vegetable and spice broths can be eaten on their own, to hydrate or soothe a small dip, or accompanied by pieces of vegetables. They can also be cooked with pasta, rice, white meat or fish, ideal for enhancing a dish!Also to be tested in fresh.

Our organic broths are without aromas, salt or added fat.

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