Alaena serum scintillation 15 ml



Lustrous serum provides a response to staining and dehydration by fully cooperating with our range of moisturizers.

It refines the cornea, smoothes the skin particles, lightens the skin, and makes the skin swell again. By changing assets and textures, glossy serum provides complementarity. It's part of Arana's minimalist ritual philosophy by addressing different skin problems.

The Ecocert cosmos label certifies the photoelectric serum.

Use guide:

Apply washed skin in the morning and evening, then apply moisturizer.

Benefits and ingredients:

L extracted from alaena seeds is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and amino acids.

Roman chamomile water has the virtue of soothing.

-Vegetable oil cocktails (sweet almond oil, flax oil and Bla diesel) provide Omega 3 and 9 and vitamin E in a balanced manner.

Hyaluronic acid and acmella olacera have moisturizing and remelting properties.

-Baobab extract brings skin tension, while fruit extract promotes skin luster.

Kaki extract restored the synthesis of skin collagen and provided high content of urea cell regeneration.

98% of the total is natural.

50% of the total composition comes from organic agriculture.

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